Hal Johnson Micro

Hal Johnson Micro

Hal Johnson Micro

For more than twenty years Hal Johnson has been bringing his expertise to both the domestic and international cosmetic and "Over the Counter" (OTC) pharmaceutical communities.

Qualifications for
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Auditing


  • Five years as Manager of Quality Systems, Coty US LLC (2005 to 2010) Responsibilities: GMP qualification of contract manufacturers, repackagers, and warehouses for cosmetics and OTC pharmaceuticals. Qualification of contracted services for handling different product types are accomplished by auditing of documentation and facilities. GMP guidelines established in the United States Federal Code of Regulations, Environmental Protection Agency regulations, and other international regulations like ISO, COLIPA, HC, ASEAN, etc. were monitored. Pharmaceutical and Nutriceutical criteria from the respective Pharmacopeial authorities (i.e., USP, EP, JP, etc.) were reviewed for compliance in the respective country of marketing.
  • Seventeen years as the Manager of Microbiology for Del Laboratories, Inc. (1988 to 2005). Responsibilities included; all quality control programs for manufacturing of cosmetics and OTC pharmaceuticals, process validation, preservative product formulation development, claims support and investigation of microbial contamination issues including subcontracted processes. Lead offsite investigations and establishment of corrective actions.
  • Research Microbiologist with Estée Lauder Companies (1987).
  • Microbiologist with Del Laboratories, Inc. (1983 - 86).
  • Environmental marine investigator working for Nassau County Health department (1980 - 81).
  • Aquaculturist/Farmer of Flower's Oyster Company (1982).

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Hal Johnson during audit

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